Monday, November 8, 2010

11/08/10 - Marks of a Godly, Mature Woman

I've asked God for many years to impress upon my heart the marks of a godly, mature Christian woman. I do so long to grow in my faith and not remain stuck at any level along the way. Lately some of the puzzle pieces are coming together.

There are four qualities that I believe are a mark of a godly, mature woman:

1) Wisdom
A Godly woman has pearls of biblical wisdom that pour fourth. All of her advice is filter through the wisdom of God. She uses the Word in all circumstances and issues of life.

2) Knowledge
A Godly woman knows God's Word. She knows it! She's studied it and she spends time in God's Word. Not only does she know the Word, but she loves God's Word.

3) Instruction
A Godly woman is able to receive correction and disciple with grace and thanksgiving. She sees Gods correction as a beautiful gift of purification and protection.

4) Self-Control
A Godly woman doesn't act on impulse, but is controlled in her words and actions. She also is able to control her thoughts and bring them captive to God's thoughts.

How I long to grow in these four areas of my life!

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