Saturday, November 6, 2010

11/06/10 - Keeping Up

We've all heard the phrase "Keeping up with the Joneses". Who are these Joneses we trying to keep up with and impress, anyway!?!

All too often we compare ourselves to those around us wish we had what they had or we try to maintain their level of living.

Of course this breaks one of the 10 commandments, "Thou shall not covet". But why is it so easy?

Our hearts long to be satisfied and at times the world looks very appealing. It pulls for our attention and demands we pay attention to it! If we're not keeping our hearts "tethered" (as Nancy Leigh DeMoss has said) to God's word, we'll find ourselves tossed to and fro when issues, attitudes, and desires crop up.

Looking at other's standard of living can be very dangerous. Recently I was reminded how often we see what people have, how they live, the vacations they take, what clothes they buy, and how they spend their money and what we don't realize is that they are not living with in their means. They are deep in credit card debt, they have stress in their marriage over money, they fight and argue about the bills, and all the stuff they have and doesn't replace the peace that comes with being good stewards of their money.

So often don't get to see that back story.

So we long after a mirage, a false picture of what money buys. Actually, even if they are living well within their means, stuff doesn't really satisfy those deep longings that a relationship with God can buy.

Stop and ask God to show you areas of your heart where your comparing yourself to someone and trying to keep up. The ask how that striving is keeping your heart discontent.

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Steve said...

Great post Heather. I've been wrestling with the same ideas lately of stripping away everything that hinders my walk with God. The amazing thing is how little I miss those things that I thought I needed. God has proven over and over his sufficiency. Too many of us have our needs and our wants mixed up.