Tuesday, November 2, 2010

11/02/10 - Compassion

I will be first to admit I am not, by nature, a compassionate person. I always admire those who just over flow with compassion. This, Christ-like character is one I long for in my own life.

Sunday, in church, we sat towards the back of our large sanctuary and as I looked around I saw a couple who's son has asked to have no contact with them, I saw a young mom who is struggling with some deep in-law issues, another woman who caught my eye has just recently lost her mom, and finally another lady recently lost her young nephew.

My heart was overcome with compassion and these were just four stories of 100's in that room that day. I realized when God looks at His people He sees our deepest hurts, pains, needs, and sorrow.

How His heart must ache for us as He longs for us to place all our needs and pains in His almighty hand.

How I pray that we each look through the compassion of Christ as we look at our fellow brothers and sister in the Lord. I say this to myself as much as anyone!

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