Thursday, October 28, 2010

10/28/10 - Two Sides

Do you really believe there's two sides to every story? Have you ever believed one side of a story and then later found out the other side? Maybe once you heard the other side, you realized that having all the facts painted a better picture of what was really going on.

Growing up my parents always taught me to let God defend me, let Him "battle" for me in one-sided storied. It's not very easy waiting for God to defend me, but He always does. In some areas it's taken 15 plus years to be defended....but it's worth the wait. I don't sell my character or reputation to prove I am right. I keep a clear conscience and trust God to take care of the rest.

I guess this is the reason I have a passion to always hear both sides of the story. How about you? When someone shares something with you are you quick to side with them alone without getting all the facts?

Do your homework, gather all the facts, and avoid being critical or judgmental of someone until you know the entire story!

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Luke said...

I tend to side with whatever side I hear first... but I know that when I hear the other side my position will--at the very least--be modified. So, yes: I'm a huge fan of hearing the other sides.