Tuesday, October 26, 2010

10/26/10 - Question

I received this comment in my blog post about being "Luke Warm":

"I feel like the "church" is full of ungodly people and are the leaven that God speaks of in 1Corinthians 5:6 and 5:9. It corrupts the whole conception of faith that misleads whole churches. I believe we are living in "strange" times but God is always working and never sleeps. He is shaking our "church" group and sifting out who is not His at the moment. It has been a strong "revival" and the experience has been painful but is building faith in those who are truly His!! I wonder what you believe about the people who claim to be God's people? Do you think that there are few on this narrow road and not the masses that claim they "believe" in Christ? I would like to hear your honest views on this. I can appreciate the topic of emotional purity since I have seen so much destruction due to the lack of it."

I am thankful for what God is doing in your local church and how my heart cries for this movement of His Spirit in the entire body of Christ, but we do see many christians that are complacent. We see in Isaiah 32:9-15 a call to "rise up complacent ones".

To be honest with you, I've spent too much of my adult life frustrated and annoyed at complacent Christians. People who honor God with their mouths, but not their lives. Who attend church on Sunday, but are just as ungodly as the culture around them.

Lately God is impressing on my heart a need to stop judging, stop being critical or annoyed, shut my mouth, and to just live out loud. Make sure the "roof is off with God, walls down with people" (Nancy DeMoss). To not fear what others think when God calls me to radical obedience and trust that those who are thirsty, will seek to purge sin and disobedience from their life.

And most importantly I feel a deep passion to pray earnestly for God's Spirit of revival to breath across His Body!

When a watch world seeing the joy that comes from a fully surrendered life to our Holy God, they will see the power of the cross and my prayer is that God will use whatever means He chooses to encourage others to seek to say, "Yes, Lord" to every area, thought, and action!

Revive our Hearts had a radio program about this issue on Oct. 6th, here's a LINK

Thanks again for your comment!

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