Friday, October 22, 2010

10/22/10 - Pre Conference

I had the privilege of attending the pre-conference of True Woman Fort Worth. This was a 4 hour session for women's ministry leaders, pastor's wives, bible study leaders, and for women who mentor other women.

The night before I left, about 6:30 pm, our door bell rang. It was a girlfriend from church, in tears over a situation that was tearing her up inside. We sat and talk for about an hour and work through some possible next steps in her situation.

As I sat in the pre-conference, I felt a little out of place. I am not a women's ministry leader or pastor's wife. I am currently leading a bible study, but it's been years since my last one. So I was feeling, "I don't belong?"

Then one of the speakers said, "Do women come to you for counseling? Then this session is for you." It was almost as if she was answering my question!

These bullets points are straight from my notes. These were some of what jumped out at me. Again this was for ministry leaders, but as we all grow towards becoming godly older women, we should desire these things in our own lives! Not only in our life, but in our relationships with other women.
  • The world's message is not fuzzy, we must not be fuzzy in our message of biblical womanhood.
  • The end goal of women's ministries is to: grow women like Christ and help women biblically navigate through life issues. It should be: word driven, Christ centered, Gospel drenched, spirit empowered, personally modeled, love motivated, servant hearted, prayer saturated, faith based and joy exuding.
  • Whatever is contagious in our life will be caught.
  • Share with other women out of your "hall of shame". Being authentic and transparency takes risks.
  • Most women were not mothered themselves.
  • Have prayer partners
  • Keep growing in our faith
  • Get relevant - never change the message, but methods
  • Don't waste your time on things not Word driven.
  • Do the most critical things first.
  • How do I live my life as a biblical woman?
  • Have a solid doctrinal foundation.
  • Actively teach biblical principles of womanhood.
  • Ask myself: am I being a life giver or a life taker in all situations.


Ruthie said...

Thank you so much for posting this. I was at the TWC this past weekend and I did not get to go to this pre-conference meeting. But these notes you shared are exactly what I needed to hear. They help spur me on in my walk with Him as His true woman. I hope and pray we can push eachother as women in His direction always. It's so encouraging knowing that I have sisters in Christ striving after the same goal.

Debbie said...

The conference was such a refreshment for me and my friends. I truly believe God is doing a work in women's hearts and giving them the desire to live Him be the glory.

Anonymous said...

One of your bullet points was that we should "Never lose the desire to quit growing in our faith." Is that supposed to read "keep growing in our faith" instead? That would make a lot more sense!

Beyond that slight (I hope) typo, this was a very encouraging and timely post. Thank you so very much!