Thursday, October 21, 2010

10/21/10 - Take aways

Not only was I impacted to be a woman of the word and have God-priorities, I also have had some other "take aways".

After going to True Woman 2008, I felt this passion to share this message with everyone I knew. I had a passion to host a True Woman event in my community. I wanted others to catch the vision of biblical womanhood. I wanted to share and grow this movement.

But, as I sat through the amazing sessions at True Woman 2010 in Fort Worth, I realized I had wasted much of the last two years try to do something God wasn't opening doors to do.

At every turn I ran into a brick wall. I got frustrated, annoyed with others around me, and felt a bit lonely.

I missed out on something...I missed out on spending 2 years in becoming a True Woman myself.

Oh sure I study God's word and I go to church. I honor and submit to my authority and my hearts desire is to grow into a godly old lady! But I spent way too much emotional and spiritual energy looking at people around me and not allowing God to change my heart. (It was a little humbling...which was good...just ouch, ya know!)

So, I will share the messages and my notes from TW '10, but God has given me some homework assignments. My energy is going to be in digging deeper, sharing as the doors get opened, and not expecting that I can really do anything for God!

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