Sunday, October 17, 2010

10/17/10 - Post True Woman

After a wonderful weekend with other like minded women at True Woman, I'm home and today has been a bit of a reflective, quiet day.

Two of my sons complained of either a tummy ache or a sore throat. So I stayed home from church and just cuddled my boys.

I'm thinking of a few new things for the blog and would love to get some feed back.

Mary Kassian has written a new book: Girls Gone Wise There's 20 points of a "girl gone wise" to the "girl gone wild."

Also True Woman will be posting videos of all their main sessions.

So I am thinking...out loud here...of using "Girls Gone Wise" as a bible study for us to go through. Each week, I'll post my thoughts, Mary's video from her blog, and other insights about that week's chapter. I would hope that you'd buy a copy of Mary's book to read along and share what God is teaching you. What do you think?

I am also planning on sharing each of the session I attended. There was some great info and in 2008 I shared my notes. I think I'll wait till all the videos are up on the True Woman website.

What do you think?


To the Hot Stuff said...

hi! i've just finished reading your book. i'm from the philippines and i heard that your book isn't very common here, so i feel blessed to have read it. the things you mentioned were difficult to do, but it really has helped me a lot, in remaining strong and pure according to God. i'm together with you in praying that more women would discover that they have a choice to remain pure emotionally :)

Heather "Paulsen" Patenaude said...


Wonderful! The book has been published in the Philippines and it's great to hear how God is using it!!