Friday, September 24, 2010

09/24/10 - Last day to enter

Tonight I will draw a name for two tickets to True Woman Fort Worth Convention Oct. 14th to the 16th.

This week I've highlighted some of the unique aspects of the True Woman conference. And there's so much more I could have shared. Currently True Woman Indy is taking place and last night I keep glued to my computer for updates and photos of the night on True Woman Movement Facebook page. I also was getting twitter updates on my cell phone.

Just watching from cyber space my heart was overjoyed at what the Lord was doing. I prayed for those there and for the speakers. Much fruit will come from these conferences.

So join me...that's right, I'll be there, in Fort Worth Oct. 14th to 16th. Add a comment and you'll be entered to win two entrance tickets to the convention (this doesn't include lodging and transportation) and also you'll win an autographed copy of my book and it will be delivered in person.

Enjoy this video of True Woman Chattanooga

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