Tuesday, June 29, 2010

06/29/10 - Trust

My husband read a story he told me about. I am going to paraphrase....

This young son and his dad were driving. The dad asked the son where they were. The son didn't know. The dad asked the son where they were going. The son didn't know. The dad then said, "Well, I guess your lost then." The son replied, "I'm not lost I'm with you."

Isn't that how it is with God? We're not lost, we just don't always know where we are going and we are to trust that He knows.

Child like faith is a precious thing!


Evelyn said...

Thank you. God leads us and we don`t need to be afraid.

KFB said...

This is my biggest struggle!!! I am a control Freak and while my heart knows that the Lord is driving the car and I don't need to know where it is going I am in a constant struggle to not grab the wheel. I beg hime to speak loudly to me and tell me...where is this path leading? Silence... I think he wants me to stop asking and just sit and calmly enjoy the ride.