Saturday, June 26, 2010

06/26/10 - Idol

We can make almost anything an idol in our life. We can turn a good idea or healthy expectation into an idol.

Has remaining "emotional pure" become an idol in your life? Are you more concerned with saving your heart than you are with becoming sold out for Christ?

It's easy to take a good concept, like saving your heart, and turn it into some way more than God intended it to become.

It's easy to look down on others who don't hold to your standard. But what's the difference, pride is still sin.

When people read my book I know it can open their eyes and help them see a new way of relating to people. But my book is not the "main thing". A single Christian's main goal should not be to remain pure emotionally.

The Main Thing is a pure, passionate, loving, all encompassing relationship with our Lord, Creator, and Savior! Make that your main goal. Putting anything above that is idolatry!


Emelie said...

So very true! All the time I realise I have idols in my life... and when I do, I become so focused on getting the idols out - more than pursuing Christ! How ironic is that... and how stupid.. not to mention not working.

Elizabeth said...

I definitely agree that "emotional purity" can be a harmful pursuit when we pursue it as the end goal, or when we use it as a weapon against getting hurt. Jesus is the one who holds our heart, and humans WILL let us down.

Striving for emotional purity can even get in the way of friendship. We have to be emotionally vulnerable sometimes in friendships with those of the same gender as well as the opposite sex. For example, when sharing prayer requests with a group. If someone of the opposite sex asks us about it later, do we have to close ourselves off to conversation?

But it's still good to educate teens and young adults about emotional intimacy and purity. We need to understand how our emotions work.

Anonymous said...

Very well said and a very good reminder!