Friday, June 11, 2010

06/11/10 -Parts of our life

What parts of our life are effected by knowing God?

Not just knowing God, but knowing and understanding what you need and what He did for you. We can know God, know of God, but remain totally unaffected in certain areas of our life. Maybe we put God over in this area of our life, our Sunday life, and other parts of our life we live as we please.

I am not exempt! I have areas that I struggle to surrender fully to God, areas I cling to. I am working towards making sure that not one area remains untouched by His love, grace and truth.

Sometimes I look at the church world around me and my heart is saddened. We have no shame in sin, we look just like the world, we have nothing better to offer. We have conflicts just like non-believers, we have unsatisfying marriages like unbelievers, we are joyless, and worry like the best of them.

Christ didn't come for this! He came to give us a new life! He came so that His light would penetrate every area of our life and be radically changed! He wants us believers to look, act, think so DIFFERENT that we're aliens and strangers in this world.

How I long for this in my own life!!

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Abigail said...

And the sad part is that those areas we surrender usually have to be surrendered again and again. We keep trying to pick them back up and tote them on our own. It makes me SO thankful for the mercy of God. He forgives me every time I try to make it on my own before coming back to His feet. His love is AMAZING!