Friday, June 4, 2010

06/04/10 - 73 E-mails

I'm not ignore all of you or this blog! I got on my emotional purity yahoo account and had 73 e-mails...oops, it's been so long since I've check.

As summer approaches and as Clark is fully mobile I find I have less and less time at the computer.

In my free time lately I've been reading "Instructing a Child's Heart" by Tedd and Margy Tripp. This book has been a great parenting resource and came at the right time. I just want to share this quote, "The home is a place where we present a culture that is distinctly Christian."

As my husband and I enter a new phase of parenting with our older boys, we're more awear of this fact and need that this home is a place where a biblical worldview is taught, where Christ is seen through every action, and where they can learn to clearly see the difference between Christian culture and world culture.

This, my friend, takes a lot of time and energy! Thanks for walking along life's path with me!


Abigail said...

My family recently went to our states Christian home educators conference where Dr. Voddie Baucham was keynote speaker. Something he said that you may like and want to think about as you begin the teaching/education stage of child rearing is this:

"Education is disciplship!"

Kinda makes you stop and think, huh? I know that it puts a new light on the way that I hope to raise my children when the Lord blesses me with a family someday!

Still enjoying your blog!

~Abigail G.~

Wendy said...

Continuing on the comment by Abigail: "And discipling means discipline, both of my children and myself!"
But it is worth it!
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