Thursday, May 20, 2010

05/20/10 - Proverbs 7 vs 31

Young men, grab your bible and read Proverbs 7 and then Proverbs 31.

Ask: What type of woman am I looking for?

Young women, also read Proverbs 7 and 31.

Ask: What type of woman am I?


Narelle Worboys said...

I want to be internally breathtaking! Drop-dead gorgeous on the inside!

Like Prince Lemuel's dream girl was...

Evelyn said...

at kind of type? Certanly I`m not first type-proverbs 7, but I live with parents and brothers so I`m not the second type. But my boyfriend says always that I`m full of love to everyone and thst he see need that I have for helping others. But I would love to be like Prince Lemuel's dream girl one day.