Tuesday, April 27, 2010

04/27/10 - The Culture of Facebook

Have any of you had hurt feelings over something posted on Facebook? Have any of you gone searching for a friend and discovered they "de-friended" you? Has someone made a comment that really didn't make sense or seem like them?

Ah, Facebook! I really do enjoy Facebook, I love connecting with friends and making new friends.

But Facebook can be hurtful, harmful, and destroy friendships and relationships.

Like anything in life we must be balanced in our approach to Facebook. It shouldn't replace real life conversations with friends. It shouldn't replace reaching out to new friends at school, work, or church. It shouldn't replace face to face interaction with those we live with.

Facebook should be look at as a tool of communication. Not the only tool in our "relationship tool box", but A tool. If there's been miscommunication in real life, we should seek to correct it and the same goes for Facebook.

So for all the positives of Facebook we must seek to avoid the negative effect it can have on relationships.


fieryriver said...

i agree with you! you hit it right on the head. in cebu, where i'm from, two friends were reported in the news to have fought after one of them posted a hurtful comment in the other's wall.

Elizabeth said...

Hey, I needed to hear that. I spend 1-2 hours online on facebook every night, talking to friends who don't live near me. I need to talk more with my family and work on school and more important things! Thank you for reminding me about balance.

Evelyn said...

Hey! I`ve saw what would Facebook do to my studying if I spend time on it 1-2 hours every day. My focus was on my faculty and I`ve turned off, expect Green Patch, all ad`s what people did, in my Profile page. So now facebook for me is only for messages, birthdays and pokes. Thank you for posting this `cause I hope people will see that solving tests, just for fun, on Facebook steals their time that they can spend in real conversation with somebody.

Elizabeth said...


Sarah said...

Things people do on facebook can definitely hurt. I actually had a couple of my cousins de-friend me. After trying to contact them with no response as to why.. I believe it is because of my divorce.