Monday, April 26, 2010

04/26/10 - Emotionally Modest

Someone asked me what it means to be emotionally modest after my post a couple of weeks ago.

As I've thought about her question these phrases and ideas came into my head:

An emotionally modest person:
  • understands what boundaries are
  • knows what's appropriate to share and what's sharing too much
  • understands that that circle of intimate friends is small
  • can control their emotions when necessary
  • knows what a "safe" friend is and can share honestly and openly with that person

In our culture of Facebook, Twitter, texting, blogs...etc...people have become desensitized to boundaries. We've become a culture of "over sharing". So when I think of someone who is emotionally modest, they understand that the "hidden person of the heart" is not for the world to see, but a select group of safe, close confidants.

Hope this helps! And remember, these are just my thoughts on the matter! I am far from perfect and not the final authority on this issue! ;-)


Abigail said...

Thanks for these posts, Heather. I read them all and they are excellent reminders to me to work hard to guard my heart, mind, actions, and words. Sometimes it so easy to get tired of working and waiting patiently on God, trusting Him to fulfill the dreams He's given me! The temptation to let my guard down on my emotional modesty is pretty strong sometimes. But I know that my True Prince has something so much better in store for me - so I'll keep fighting!

Thanks for the encouragement! May God bless you for your ministry here.

~Abigail G.~

Elizabeth said...

Good explanation. I definitely agree about the Internet and lack of discernment.

Anonymous said...

Heather I am SO excited! I recently gave a copy of your book to my 14-yr-old daughter and discovered her in her room with a highlighter deeply engaged in the book! I can't wait to share your website with her and look forward to all God has to offer her. Thanks for your book and website!

Evelyn said...

Thank you for explanation! I can see that I`m not emotional modest.I speak too much, don`t have one the best friend `cause all of them are good in one or two areas.
God bless you Heather!

Anonymous said...

Hey heather, youR book is truly inspirational to me. God has placed the importance of emotional purity upon your heart to reach out to others. While reading your book, I felt like you wrote it just for me. I recently gave my heart to Christ and repented for my sins. I started reading your book the next morning. When I would try and have my devotional time with the Lord and meditate on his word, I could not concentrate. I noticed when I would read your book I would be totally focused and I felt God speaking to me along with the Holy Spirit's presence. I came to realize that the Lord wanted me to read your book before I jumped right into this walk for Christ to set my heart on solid ground. I know God would never steer me down the wrong path. Completing his will, I think reading your book was a great kick off to start my walk towards my salvation. God has truly moved through your words in your book. I am so glad I have learned to guard my heart and control my emotions and thoughts. Great job LOVE :) !