Monday, April 19, 2010

04/19/10 - Creating an Atmosphere

In our marriage and in our home I believe God has uniquely equipped me to bring an atmosphere of love, tenderness, acceptance, and safety to my husband and children. I believe that God has given this ability to women to be the "love makers" of their home. To be that safe place for their husbands to "fall".

In our culture women's tender emotions have been trampled upon by the feminist movement. We've been told to be strong, fearless, and bold. I have seen first hand how that attitudes removes this tenderness and compassion.

We get so wrapped up in protecting ourselves, our rights, our attitudes, we forget we are to be the tender women God created us to be.

I believe in allowing God's grace to flow through me in the tender, compassion manner I am strong, I am protected, I am free.

Why must be do things so opposite of God's ways! His ways are set up to protect us, not to harm us!

(Mary Kassian gave a talk on True Woman '08 about how the feminist movement grew, I belive it's helpful in understand why women do what we do. Hope you enjoy watching the video HERE)


Anonymous said...

Agree... and what a message from True Woman '08! We women NEED to hear this message!
Thank you Heather.

Anonymous said...

You know what.. I'd love to be able to be the 'gentle' woman I know I truly am, at all times. I think if I was able to be supported to stay home in a safe environment all the time, surrounded with children and husband, this would be my ideal. But to support myself in this world as a single woman, put a roof over my head and food on my table, I can't exactly go to work and be 'soft and vulnerable' when colleagues, clients etc. need me to be otherwise. It's hard to switch that off. I dearly wish I could 'be' this way in my own home, have my own family, and not have to be in the workplace anymore. It's a luxury Heather, and you are blessed.