Tuesday, April 13, 2010

04/13/10 - Planet Mom

I wrote this article for a MOPS newsletter. I just thought I'd share it here. It may or may not apply to you, but here's some of my thoughts.

Planet Mom

Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit,
but with humility of mind regard one
another as more important than yourselves
Philippians 2:3

Life on Planet Mom can be the greatest joy and the biggest challenge any of us will face. Motherhood is not for the faint of heart and most of us really don’t know all mothering entails the first time we hold our newborn. Yet, we’re surviving, breathing, thriving, and enjoying Planet Mom!

As a mom, when I find myself the most annoyed, frustrated, irritated, or stressed out with my kids, I can normally point that attitude back to myself. Not just who I am, but my selfishness that comes from being human. In a nutshell, when I am not getting my way, I am not fun to be around!
Being a mom and being selfish don’t go hand in hand, if they do you will find yourself being very discontent on Planet Mom. Self can get in the way of really thriving on Planet Mom.

Our Culture
We live in a society that saturated with self. Everyone is looking out for number one. When you put yourself above your relationship with God, your husband, or your kids you will be frustrated. We told in the bible to “do nothing from selfishness”. (Phil 2:3 NSB) Do nothing! That’s a tough pill to swallow when we’re feeling overwhelmed with the demands that motherhood brings.

The Balance
In saying we must put others first I know your thoughts are, “Well, if no one is taking care of me, I’ll get lost in being a wife or a mom.” We’re not to get lost in anything we do, but who we are in Christ. When we look at mothering or being a wife through the lens of Christ and through His example of service to others, we see the balance.
Christ often took time to be with His Father, to renew Himself spiritually with God. But Christ poured out His life for people over and over and over. When He was tired He still gave. When He wanted a break and someone needed Him, He gave. But again, He knew time with His Father was the key to renewal.
As moms we must follow His example. In order to feel renewed and refreshed, it’s important that we take care of our spiritual needs. Taking care of our spiritual needs will rejuvenate our batteries for our husbands and our children.


If you’re feeling drained spiritually and you’re barely surviving on Planet Mom, then I’d suggest you take time and "get away" with God. If you have the time and resources, I'd recommend a retreat. But if that's not possible, get a few hours away and alone with you and the Lord. If even a few hours isn't possible, take 30 minutes to have some quiet time with God. We all have 30 minutes, we just have to prioritize.
Getting away and taking care of that spiritual need will help you be a better wife and mom!