Friday, March 12, 2010

03/12/10 - Mourning

Today I had a chance to speak with a mom who gave birth to a stillborn baby two weeks ago. When I saw her, I just hugged her, tears flowed and flow even as I write this post.

This isn't the way life is supposed to be! Her daughter is supposed to be here!

Peoples may question an All Mighty, Powerful God, asking, "Why does God allow that?!?"

I get that sort of question...I understand why someone would think that...but this I know: we live in a fallen world. We're all victims and agents of sin. Death wasn't part of God's perfect plan. He weeps along side us. He understands the loss of a child.

When things like this happen, I long for heaven!

"This world is not my home, I'm just passing through"

Please pray for this family and many others who are walking through their own personal "valley of shadow of death".


Abigail said...

Only the knowledge that God is in complete control and has a divine purpose for allowing something like this to happens helps get me through times like these. I do pray that God will reveal this knowledge to that grieving lady and fill her with a peace that passes understanding.

Laura said...

As a single, childless woman I have never been able to fully understand the loss of an unborn child...until this morning when the Lord drew an unexpected parallel between losing a much-hoped-for love and losing a preterm child. Waking up to the reality that the guy I'd been developing a deep friendship with JUST DIDN'T WANT ME, was devastating. It was as though something inside of me had died...a living thing, a living love. My hope for a deeper relationship, even a marriage, had been "gestating" inside for the last 4 mos. And even though it didn't "show" on the outside, was very real within. Because so few ppl. knew, it's hard to grieve openly. It then dawned on me just how painful it must be for a woman to lose a baby before it comes to term! There is so much love, hope & expectation incubating within...some of which is not spoken of, esp. in the early stages of expectation. And yet the desire is so strong to see the "fruit" of the labor of love to come forth in the flesh. Finally, I realize their pain. It is not exactly like my own but I understand it now. I will pray for this Mom and all others who have lost one they have loved and hoped-for, whether infants or not!