Tuesday, March 2, 2010

03/02/10 - Key 3: Trustworth

We want to know we can trust our friends. We want to trust them with our secrets, our heart, our feelings, our lives, our pain, our joys, and our hurts.

I'll admit many women have been scorned by other women who gossip and slander them. This causes deeps wounds that can, if not properly treated, effect every relationship after that; even, potentially, her marriage.

Being a good friend is being a friend who is trustworthy. Who keeps information to herself.

When I am with people I see how they talk about other people...do they gossip? Do they talk bad about other people? Do they tease people behind their back and are nice to them face to face? If I see these qualities I know they're not trustworthy.

You can lose someones trust in an instant and it can take years to rebuilt that trust. So guard your own trustworthiness, be a trustworthy friend.

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