Monday, March 1, 2010

03/01/10 - Key 2: Unconditional Acceptance

We all have warts and pimples. We all make mistakes. We all have weakness and imperfections. We all stumble and fall. We all need grace. We all need acceptance.

A true friend will know your faults and weaknesses and still accept and love you. This friend will be quick to forgive and be quick to admit when they were wrong. They will demonstrate humility in the relationship when needed and seek forgiveness.

If we are easily offended or have a hard time accepting people with their warts and pimples, then we will have a hard time keeping true friends.

Is it hard for you to accept difference with you and your friends? Do you have a hard time not judging your friends when they just do something different than you? (I am not talking about blaten sin, but when those non-essential are different than yours.)

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Elizabeth said...

One illustration I really like is about porcupines (or is it hedgehogs?). We WANT to get close to other people, but once we start getting closer, OUCH! It hurts! It's prickly! We pull away. Well, the analogy falls apart there, but the point is, it's supposed to hurt, it's how we're made, but it doesn't mean our efforts should end there.