Tuesday, February 16, 2010

02/16/10 - One of those weeks

I'm just having one of those tiring mommy weeks. My boys have all been sick with coughs and colds. I've been up two or three times a night. I've been sick myself. I'm worn out.

These are the tough moments of life, but I have to know that one day I'll sleep through the night and one day my kids will be grown. It won't be long till I'm an empty nester, wondering where the years went.

My single years are now a blur to me. What used to seem like painfully long time to wait for a husband and children are not a distant memory.

Those days were hard, but I am thankful I enjoyed that time. God used it to prepare me for these days. He is my constant. He sustains me through it all.

Each season of life will present different challenges. Don't let those challenges keep you jealous of others. Don't let those challenges distract you from knowing and clinging to God. Don't let those challenges keep you from staying focused.

Keep pouring your life out to others. It's not about you. It's not about me. It's about giving God glory no matter what life throws your way.

I was drinking a diet coke from McDonalds and the cup read "Thirst for Glory". This cup has Olympic pictures and a call to "go for the gold." We're not to thirst for our own glory, but for His glory. Keep that as your focus and these life challenges will fade in the background!


Jessica said...

Amen! I keep pressing on and waiting on God! ALL times of life are waiting, and seasons of change and challenges! Thank you for continually encouraging us who are "single"!!

Unknown Artist said...

LOVE this post......THANK YOU!

BekLovesJeremy said...

loved this. thanks for the encouragement. every stage of life has it challenges.

Isabel said...

thanks for sharing this with us!

Narelle said...

Hi there, Heather. Be encouraged that your efforts, despite your exhaustion, are being used by God. A friend and I were having a tough week. Your second-to-last paragraph really hit home with us, and almost word for word matched the testimony of a single woman that was aired here on Focus on the Family the same day you wrote your post.
May you be aware of the Lord's undergirding and oversight in every moment of your day.