Thursday, February 4, 2010

02/04/10 - Spam Comments

I am so tired of getting spam comments! So I am making you have to enter a code to leave a comment. Personally I'd rather not have to make it so you have to enter a code...but it's because of all the spam I am receiving these days. We'll see if it helps, if not, I'll remove the code.

I must get about 5 a day that I just reject...just gets a bit annoying!

Thanks for understanding!


Kelly said...

I understand, and think it is a good thing. I have not had too many problems myself on Xanga, but I have seen many spam comments on is too bad that this has to be done, regardless I understand. I wish I could do more about the spam I get in my e-mail...I block email addresses all the time to no avail it seems.

Elizabeth said...

The code isn't that big of a deal; I have it on my blog too.