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01/22/09 - Warning: Political Post

I do not use this blog as a place to share my political views. I wrote a post on my personal blog and I feel compelled to share it on this blog. I understand you come to not read about politics...but if this is helpful to anyone I must post it!



Have you studied the Progressive movement? Friends, we MUST be informed. We must understand what's going on in America!

I didn't really know anything about this movement till last year. Our president is not a democrat, he's a progressive. Just watch the way he addressed the house..."To my progressive friends, To my republican friends."

Anyway, the more I study and learn about the progressives, the more I understand what's going on in America.

The progressive elite want total control. They want to control the internet. They want to control the radio. They want to control our health care. They want to control pretty much everything and anything. They believe in redistribution of wealth. They want God out of everything. They are socialists. They don't like the constitution. They want to make us more like France. They don't think the free market works. (why won't they allow health care insurance companies to cross state lines...this would drive down cost of insurance!?!)

By the way...why do they think, what they think, is the best for us! So prideful!

At this point we have progressives in control..Reid, Peolis, and Obama. This is why we've had so much massive spending and take over the past year. They believe in ramming it down people throats. Plus they want you to become so dependent on the government that they can control you...hence health care reform.

Also, I believe much of the mainstream media is progressive. They were almost crying over Scott Brown's win last night. Saying, "This is bad." Journalists aren't supposed to be bias!
So we saw a rising of people saying, "Wait a minute, stop spending money, we don't want this type of health care reform." What did the progressive do? They made fun of Americans calling us stupid, racist, uneducated, and baggers.

People are SICK and TIRED of behind closed door deals, selling votes for the health care bill, and the down right corruption in Washington.

Well Washington is SO out of touch with Americans and last night a Republican WON a Senate seat in Massachusetts! A deeply blue state turned you understand what that says to all the nonprogressive democrats?

I believe there are progressives in both parties! We're not fighting Dems vs. Republicans...we're fighting against progressives in BOTH parties!

Today I am sure you'll hear some more moderate dems try to slow down the health care bill...why...they don't want to lose their precious seats come November. They're just playing a game.

I called my friend Bob last night to celebrate Brown's win. He was saying how he works with left leaning friends. I said, "Ask them: are you progressive or are you a democrat?" There's a difference.

So if you know left leaning friends...I do have a few myself we just don't discuss politics ...ask, "Are you progressive?" If they don't know what that means...then they don't realize that there's not a Dem in office, there's a progressive.

Last night Glenn Beck did the best 20 minutes of TV. If you want to understand this more, please watch the first two clips of the show: HERE

I am fired up about this election year. Illinois has it's primary Feb 2 and you can so clearly see progressives in both parties.

I don't often ask people to share my blog with their friends...but please spread the word. We're in a fight for our freedom and if we don't understand what we're fighting it makes our win nearly impossible!

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