Thursday, January 14, 2010

01/14/10 - Haiti

Have you seen the pictures of the destruction in Haiti? Oh my, the images are heart wrenching! What a catastrophe!

As we've all gotten more info on the destruction I've seen people share on facebook status and other blogs where we can send money.

Now, I'll be honest, I am skeptical when it comes to just writing a check to some organization. I think, a dollar for here, a dollar there and only a few dollars will make it's way to the people of Haiti.

But, I wanted to do something.

So I contacted an old friend, Holly. Her sister, Shelby Kennedy, passed away almost 5 years ago from cancer. I had the honor of meeting Shelby in 2000 and I worked side by side her on a mission trip to Mexico. Shelby had a heart and passion for the people of Haiti.

I asked her Holly, "If Shelby was alive where would she send money?" Her sister replied:

"Hi Heather, there is a Shelby Foundation in Haiti. It's through my parents ministry "Only a Servant". They go down and check on things several times a year. The Foundation sponsors feeding programs through schools run by pastors and friends that we and Shelby knew when we lived there. My brother Micah is going down next weekend to help and check on ... See Morethe schools, one of the schools is in the middle of Carfour which was the heart of the earthquake. We are really praying for Pastor Mark (the teacher there), his family and all of the students. I think Shelby would have been putting her money toward trying to get there to help. My brother Micah will be going there in her stead. If you would like to help sponsor him or some of the projects him and the Dr. he's traveling with will be doing that would be a blessing. "

If you are wanting to help Haiti, but what to know where your money is going, can I please suggest the Shelby Foundation. Let us all continue to pray for the people and missionaries of Haiti.

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