Thursday, January 7, 2010

01/07/10 - Cleaning House

Our goal in 2010 is to clean, organize, and purge every square inch of our house.

We're getting rid of the things we've not used in awhile, stuff we don't need, and just anything we feel we've hung on to for too long.

It feels great! We've not made too much progress, but slowly, day by day, we're cleaning. Today the goal is a basket of books that has sat untouched for over a year!

I pray that not only does my physical house get cleaned up this year, but that I allow God to examine, prune, and refine every square inch of my spiritual house!

Did you make any goals for 2010?


Wendy said...

I'm right there with you! And it is a good feeling to get rid of the clutter and excess. Speaking of excess, I began exercising yesterday, ouch! Commitment is the key word for me this year--I can always come up with wonderful and sincere goals, but being committed to carrying them out is what counts.
Wendy @ Faith's Firm Foundation

lauren said...

I took your suggestion and decided to avoid the icky stuff on tv... including any R-rated movies.