Wednesday, December 30, 2009

12/30/09 - Blog

So I am thinking of making some changes to my blog.

Any suggestions?

I'm a bit stump at what to do, maybe I don't need to do anything...but I've had this look for over two years.



Jasmine said...

I don't know! I like the blog the way it is and I've been following it for a while. :) I think it might be cool to pick up some more colors from the book cover-- like that orange-- or play up the daisies... Just some suggestions. Thanks for the awesome blog! Your encouragement is the best part. :)

Anonymous said...

It's a new decade, good idea, but no thoughts or suggestions! XO

Anonymous said...

Well, one suggestion, how about a new photo? XO

Narelle Worboys said...

It sounds like you've got the furniture-shifting urge! ;) I know a husband who travelled a lot and came home late one night only to fall over the bed in the dark because his wife had moved it while he was away. LOL

While improving things is good, you already have an excellent site, both attractive and practical. It has two advantages (at least) in that it's familiar to those who know it, and if they give directions to a visitor, i.e. the third button on the lefthand side, they'll find what they're looking for.

What happened to the bookcover image that offered a hotlink to your site? I had it on my blog, but it disappeared just before Clark was born, so I decided not to bother you with such a detail at that time. =)

Best regards,

Elizabeth said...

I like the design fine, although there are plenty of ways to play around with the colors easily in Blogger.

You could reorganize the links. For example, the story of how you met your husband. :) Each part links to the previous part, so to get to the next episode, you have to keep going back to the original page. Just an observation.

Holly said...

check out for some cute blog backgrounds! I used one on my blog and love it :)

Heather "Paulsen" Patenaude said...

Narelle, I noticed that and am working on it.

Elizabeth..I corrected that link! Thanks for the idea.