Monday, December 14, 2009

12/14/09 - Feasting vs. Nibbling

Do you feast on God's Word or do you nibble?

Before marriage (and kids) I had a great deal of time to myself. I am thankful that I spent time feasting on God's Word. There would be days I'd read, fast, and pray. Those days were very meaningful in cultivating a relationship with God.

The demands of my life don't allow for that time. So I do a lot of nibbling on God's Word. I have cards hanging above my kitchen sink of verses that I am working on memorizing. I have God's Word always available for those few moments I am able to read. I pray throughout the I fold clothes I pray for who's clothes I am folding, or when I am holding one of my boys.

When singles ask me for some words of encouragement I normally say, "Spend your single years feasting on God's Word. You have hours upon hours you can spent fasting and praying, reading and worshiping. Fall in love with God and His Word."

So this is my encouragement to you! Feast my friend, there is a banquet of exquisite Food waiting for you!

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