Saturday, December 12, 2009

12/12/09 - Reading the Bible

Often when someone shares about a struggle they are going through I often ask, "Are you reading the bible these days?"

The normal response is, "Well, not really."

When I find myself in times of discontentment or I am lacking peace over a situation I notice my quite times have slipped off. The longer in between times of reading my bible, the more I lose my grounding. Being in God's Word every day keeps my compass pointed in the correct direction

When I am not in God's Word every day it's almost as if I find myself in a tail wind, spinning out of control. I get more easily frustrated, lose my patience, turn to other vices for comfort, and over all feel blah!

99% of the time when I am going through some struggle, if I don't stay in the Word, the struggle intensify. Then as soon as I open God's Word I see clearly. I put on that eternal perspective. The perspective that brings me to a place of peace.

Are you going through a rough season right now? Are you staying in God's Word every day?

I am praying for you. For all of you who are struggling and are not in God's Word. My heart pleads with you to go right now, open His Word, and FEAST on it!


Adamson said...

It's great to hear that someone else has come to this reality and is voicing it! At times I feel that I am alone in the world because my freinds aren't reading their Bibles daily. And that makes it impossible for us to follow the verse "Iron sharpeneth iron..."

Farrah said...

I needed this reminder! Thank you. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Elizabeth said...

I guess you could say I'm at that point in the "cycle" where I realize I haven't been reading it enough. I keep waiting for certain answers to fall out of the sky, and then I realize...of course! I need to read my Bible more! God loves me and WANTS me to find the answers to my questions. Life doesn't always have to be a guessing game.

Thanks for praying about it. I agree, it is good to feast on His Word!