Monday, November 23, 2009

11/23/09 - My Sister

My sister posted this on facebook and I wanted to share:

Last Wednesday I went in for a routine 1st trimester ultrasound. I have been thinking that twins was a possibility so I really wanted the ultrasound to know if there were one or two in there. We found out there was only one, but that they may be something wrong with the baby.

My Dr., said that he found a cystic hygroma on the baby, a thickening on the back of the babies neck. He said that this can be caused from a chromosone problem, such as Turner's syndrome, possibly Down's. So, we scheduled an appointment at Children's Hospital in Milwaukee at thier fetal care center. Today we went in for that appointment. During the ultrasound we saw the Cystic Hygroma, it was very visible on the ultrasound. Basically, it went from the babies neck all the way down it's body. This made it all very real, becasue I was hoping that what my Dr. saw wasn't really there. It was very emotional for me to see my cute little baby squirming around on the screen, but thinking there could be something wrong wtih its health.

The cystic hygroma measured 10 mm, anything over 3 is considered abnormal. A 10 is very large. Now this could mean a couple of different things. One is that the cyst could go away and never return, they don't know what causes this or why it would appear or dissapear. Or it could mean chromosone problems. We decided to have a test done to see if it is a chromosone issue and will find out more tomorrow and the next week. Whether it is a chromosone issue or not and it doesn't dissapear then it could grow, this growing could cause heart problems and thier would be a high chance of either a late term (21-25 weeks) misscarriage, or the baby needing surgery when born.

Right now, we know there is nothing we can do, it is totally in God's hands. We love this baby, whether it has health issues or not. If it does have any issues, we know God will give us the strength to deal with whatever comes our way.

We would appreciate any prayers for healing for the baby and strength & comfort for us.

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