Monday, November 23, 2009

11/23/08 - New Moon

I feel way out of the loop with the Twilight Series, but I know that there are lots of Facebook status up-dates sharing about going to see this movie.

I read this post about the movie on True Woman and wanted to share!


Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the link! I'm "out of the loop" too, and something that is so popular makes me want to run in the other direction!

That people are so interested in vampires is definitely a little disconcerting. I felt that way about "Dark Knight" as well. But I am fairly picky about movies in general. :)

Christine said...

Discernment is so key. So many in our generation lack discernment, the ability to separate what is pure and holy from what is profane. It's the reason why many will be trapped needing deliverance from darkness. Opening up doors to the enemy, for the enemy to take any foothold in a person's mind or emotions is dangerous, indeed!

Jesus Christ is Lord. Those of us who have proclaimed Him as Lord over our lives must heed the still small voice that speaks by His Spirit, the one that tells us to "Depart! depart from there! Touch no unclean thing, and I will receive you." He knows the traps that the enemy is setting to bring destruction into people's lives, and our amazing Lord is wanting His sheep to be protected from any wolf bites!

I will be praying for the conviction of many lives, that they would turn even before they walk into the theater, that they would heed, listen, and obey His voice. He is speaking, and His desire is to protect His sheep.

Julie said...

Perhaps Edward, as romantic hero of the Twilight saga, has tapped the unfulfilled longing of a generation of women? He is almost an "anti-vampire" in showing restraint and self-sacrificing love toward the heroine Bella. Men in Western culture are encouraged in "vampiric" behaviour towards women (in relationships): guiltless exploitation and ruthless consumption. Devour all her vitality and discard what remains, then move onto the next.
I think en from professed Christian backgrounds can vampirise their wives if they only learn about wifely submission and not "husbands, love your wives as Christ loves the church."