Friday, October 2, 2009

10/02/09 - Available

Today I went to the thrift store (got some great deals by the way!) and I saw a shirt that was for a girl about 7 or 8. On the front of the pink shirt read: Available.

Are you serious!?!?

You mean someone designed a shirt, with a young girl in mind, that would be an advertisement for her relationship status.



Zimmersgirl said...

That is appalling. And unfortunately it is more and more accepted. When my daughter was 8 her teacher told me she was "immature" for her age (which was a surprise, as all other teachers said she was mature and leader). When I asked what she meant, the example she gave was because she was not talking about going out with boys and kissing boys and all the other girls were. You could have knocked me out of my chair. My daughter was being penalized because she was acting her age.

eden said...

i feel the same way when i see such designs in people's shirts. Oh, by the way, i am really touched by your book. i just read it this year and sadly, i cannot find other source of your book here in our country. i want to recommend it or give it as a gift to my other girlfriends. Blessedly, i just got a copy of your book in MV Doulos (the ship).

keep up the good work. Someday, i also want to write a book similar to emotional purity, which would exactly depict our culture. i am only 20 and i agree that maintaining emotional integrity as a woman is really difficult but, i realized that when we surrender to God everything, we would feel the satisfaction and completeness only He could provide.

God bless!!

LT said...

That disgusts me! I saw a young girl with "juicy" written across her bottom on her pants! I was appalled!

It amazes me that parents even let their kids wear this stuff!

Anonymous said...

O_o It's sad that our society accepts that. All the more reason for us to reach out to those around us--whether they wear "conservative" clothing or not! We have got to get out of our pews and BE the church to the world around us.