Monday, September 28, 2009

09/28/09 - Missions Week

This is our missions week at our church. Convocation is a chance to hear from our mission partners all over the world, from South Africa to Indonesia.

You may never be called to Africa or China, but you are called to share the good news right where God has you.

It may be at school with your classmates, or it may be with those people you work with, or it may be raising the family God has given you...where ever you are, you are a missionary!

What are ways you feel your a missionary right where you are now?


Bridget said...

Ministering to my daughter, my husband and my family. My mom and brothers need a lot of Jesus right now. As someone who has gone on missions and feels called to one day live overseas, I can tell you sometimes it's harder at home that it is in the 3rd world. When you're in a foreign country you almost have no choice other than to be completely dependant on the Lord for every action you take. And a lot of times people are more receptive and hungry for the gospel- because they've never heard it before! Hearts in America are often hard and burnt out. It's a whole different kind of ministry.

Elizabeth said...

I serve overseas, but I agree that once you feel "at home," depending on the Lord doesn't come so automatically. I have been here for awhile, and I definitely feel that the best witness is glorifying God in my everyday activities. Remaining cheerful when life isn't so glamorous...

Anonymous said...

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Evelyn said...

I agree that it`s hard to ministry at home, `cause in my example I`m the only Christian in family, my parents and brother`s are Catholics and my sister is an ateist although she is raisen like a Catholic. My family live`s like st.Paul sid in Titus: They claim to know God, but by their actions they deny him.(Titus 1,16) I have problems `cause they say to me that I left tradition of family`s... i tried to say gospel to my friends but they wont hear, on the end I told gospel to one nipper Niko but who knows did he hear things I said..... Live in peace...