Wednesday, September 16, 2009

09/16/09 - Self

Currently I am going through Spiritual Mothering by Susan Hunt. Actually 110 women from my church are going through it together!

Last week the reading was powerful and I just wanted to share this quote:

"A four-letter word causes us enormous problems: self. Our self-inclination will send us reeling unless we have settled that core issue: what is our life-purpose? Once God's glory is our purpose, then we have a center point to which we can relate each decision and each situation." (pg 32)

When we have God's glory as our number one goal in life we never ask: what's in it for me? Instead we ask: how can I glorify God through this?

Also that center point keeps our emotions in line and in check! Something all of us could use, right?!?


Anonymous said...

Just want to encourage and thank you Heather for what you are doing on this blog. It's a great lift for me to read each day, and gives me lots to think about. I've read your book and am inspired by your life and faithfulness to God. Thank you!

Rachel said...

I read that book! :-)