Monday, September 14, 2009

09/14/09 - Back in the swing of things!

Today is dawning a new season for me!

I have felt a bit out of it for the last 10 months. This last pregnancy was tough on me. Physically in the beginning with morning sickness, and physically draining at the end as I was chasing two preschoolers around and being big pregnant.

But today, as I said, is a new season for me.

Today I will begin the journey of homeschooling my two boys preschool and not only that, but I've gotten back into the swing of life. I've created a schedule for myself and in doing this I know that I will be back into blogging more.

I desire to use this blog to 1) glorify the Lord and 2) encourage you! May God give me the grace to see those two things happen!

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