Thursday, August 20, 2009

08/20/09 - Being Bold

I was reading 2 Timothy today (yes, all three boys were napping together and gave me a good hour or so of quiet time!) and I was reminded about our need for boldness with the gospel.

In our community a "dungeon of doom" is opening this fall. Christians have banned together to try to stop the opening of this dungeon, but were least if you were using a temporal perspective.

But as I read 2 Timothy I was reminded of our boldness! We win in the end! Evil can never win against good! God wins!

I am praying for there to be a movement of people in our community who will share in my boldness and pray openly and boldly for this dudgeon to fail in an eternal perspective!


Julie said...

Dungeon of doom - is that one of those places at halloween time, run by churches, where they put on horror shows about worldly issues to scare the kiddies straight (into salvation)? Topics such as drug use, abortion etc are covered. Fear does not make very functional Christians, unfortunately.

justagirl4god said...

Starting next Monday, I will be doing a series on my blog about 'Living a Life of Purity'. I'd love it if you would come check it out and could pass on the word!
A button for the series is available in my blog's sidebar.

Heather Paulsen said... it is not run by Christians. I would agree that fear doesn't make very functional christians.