Monday, August 3, 2009

08/03/09 - Correction

How do you like when someone corrects you?

How we respond to correction will show us if we are wise or foolish.

Josh Harris preached on this yesterday and I recommend listening to his message on Proverbs 9.

Much of what he says has been on my heart lately, but he puts it much better than I'd say it!!


R said...

How you respond to correction could also show how proud you are, or if you are proud?

Caroline said...

this just made me think of a conversation i had the other day with my best friend. she was confronting me about some things a relationship w/ one of my friends, and i just wanted to say that it's super, super imporatant to have people in your life who will correct you, even if they're afraid it will offend you or upset you. i'm just so thankful that my friend loved me enough to share her concerns with me!!!