Tuesday, June 9, 2009

06/09/09 - Your Kids

If you're in your late teens, yearly twenties, you may not be thinking about your kids but, chances are most of you reading this will become a parent some day.

My dad always used to say, "If, down the road, you want a good relationship with your own kids, make sure you only do things you're willing to share with them." In other words, if I decided to make poor choices, then I should be willing to tell my own kids my mistakes.

I thought of this often in my late teens and early twenties. I'd think, "Do I, someday, want to sit my own children down and look them in the eyes and tell them some of the things I did?"

I am so thankful that my own parents weren't afraid of sharing their mistakes with me. It made them human, it made them real, it made them accessible. It also made me very aware of how their transparency devolved a deep, meaningful relationship with them, the kind I want with my own kids.

So if you desire to have a good relationship with your own kids some day, make sure the things you do now, you'd be willing to share with them someday.


Jennifer said...

I've thought about this same thing many times in the sense of, "Do I want my future children to read my diary?" It really helps a lot!

Jasmine said...

I was at Worldview Academy the other day, and the speaker was sharing about living generationally-- being "married" in your mind (acting with an undivided heart towards God and whoever that person may be, basically the concept of emotional purity). He also talked about having "kids" in your mind-- living how you want your kids to act (being a role model) right now, and living what you desire to be your legacy right now. I suppose that's what this post brought to mind. Thanks!