Monday, June 1, 2009

06/01/09 - Cutting Corners

Are you a "corner cutter"? Always looking for the easiest path, the short cut, the way that would require the least amount of energy?

How do you think reflects to a watching world?

I believe when we go the extra mile, finish what we start, complete a task to the best of our ability, it reflects God's grace, love, and joy in our life.


LT said...


Anonymous said...

I find that when I take the harder more circuotous path I definitely learn more. But I think it is in our nature to seek the easier route in tasks. I'm not trying to suggest that it is the correct thing or that we should give in to that type of pull - but I'm suggesting that it is a learned behavior that could and should be un-learned at times. There is no short cut - for example - in reading through the Bible in 1 year. You have to plod along, day after day, until finally you are done on 12/31. But the actual learning takes place from 1/1 - 12/30 I think.

Jasmine said...

In church today, my pastor was talking about Joseph in the book of Genesis when he was serving in the house of Potipher. He pointed out that Joseph was "successful"-- even while he was a slave. The reason why he could be successful is that he was not working for promotion or recognition or just doing things halfway out of bitterness. He worked in all things for the Lord, because the Lord was his supervisor, and His glory was all that Joseph cared about. Great challenging post! This is something the Lord has been teaching me about and I thank you for bringing it out.