Wednesday, May 13, 2009

05/13/09 - Older Women/Younger Women

Younger women: How often are we intentional about interacting with older women?

Older women: Do you feel that younger women are interested in getting to know you and take advice from someone who has walk through life's trials?

Lately this has been an ongoing discussion with an older woman in my life. Are the generations mixing within the church? Or do we basically keep to our own peers?

Paul told Titus that older women are to teach the younger women (Titus 2). Therefore, the generations should be mixing, but sadly I think we as a church are falling short of this.

I've heard older women who claim they've given all they have and now this time of life is "their time". They've paid their dues and are done with ministry, as they pursue their own interests.

Also, younger women can look at older women as "out of touch" with what life is like in this culture. They have a subtle distrust of older women.

It is my firm conviction that older women and younger women need to be mixing their lives, being authentic with each other, and share a biblical perspective of womanhood with one another.

I am blessed to have two older women in my life who I can turn to for advice, to bounce ideas off of, to seek counsel from, and to have as friends. They have helped me see through my cloud of crazy hormones, motherhood frustration, and relationship issues. Their advice is always straight forward and godly.

How about you? Do you have an older woman you can turn to? Or are you an older woman who has made yourself available to younger women to help them through some of those tough stages you've walked through? What do you think is the greatest hindrance in making this happen?


Elizabeth said...

I do make it a point to visit with the older ladies on Sunday mornings, but there just aren't many opportunities to meet during the week. I visit some married women in their homes and try to soak up wisdom about marriage. We have a mixed Bible study, but I have noticed that it's the singles who are most eager to get together for special excursions. The families seem to either want to veg out or do a family-type thing with their kids or other families.

Samantha said...

Amen :) lol
My mom as always brought me and my sister to respect and learn from older women, I actually tend to get along better and hold a better conversation with women older then me ;)

Anonymous said...

I definitely connect with older women. They are a huge source of wisdom and they always have at least a few moments to speak into a situation when I call. You need to be sure to be open to their advice. Also, I'd recommend asking them to point things out to you if they see something that needs fixing. You can always bring it to Jesus for confirmation. Finally, I'd say, if you are an older woman (because to some degree I am in between) be sure to be vunerable and honest about your failures - don't just focus on your strengths and victories. Tell how you are reaching out to God in the thing(s)you are currently stuggling with.