Wednesday, May 6, 2009

05/06/09 - Emotional Affairs

It seems like everyone is talking about emotional affairs. Check out this article: 12 Ways to Break Free from an Emotional Affair. (It's not written from a Christian perspective.)

Emotional affairs are tearing families apart. It starts with a seed of discontentment in your marriage or with your mate. It starts with thinking you deserve something you're not getting. It starts with comparing your marriage with others. It starts with a pattern of emotional highs and lows before your married.

Finding emotional purity before you're married, I believe, will lead to emotional contentment once your married.


Julie said...

Is an emotional affair a reciprocal thing between a married person and another, or when a married person gets a crush on someone who is friendly with them but probably unaware of the infatuation?

I'm not married, but I sometimes get little crushes on men who are kind and treat me nicely. The feelings soon pass, but I recognise that kindness and interest is what I am drawn to.

Evelyn said...

I`m not married, 3 and a half years was single, and it was horrible! Every man who treated me kind made some little butterflies in my stomac. But that feelings soon passed as I get known that person a little bit better, now I am in a relation with one Christian man. I`m a young Christian (6 months), and he is 7 years in Christ. We are in love, we are thinking of getting married one day.

If people in marridge are not Christians they get bored in marridge and they seek for love, intention, better sex, somewhere outside. When people have sex before marridge they just satisfy they needs, maybe they don`t know each other so well, so in marridge when they begin to get acquainted with they see that that is not going to be well.
That`s realy sad...

Harcourt Baron said...

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