Friday, April 24, 2009

04/24/09 - Emotions

I am currently reading a book called: Marriage A Taste of Heaven; Volume I: God's People Appreciate Marriage. It's a book my mom read when she was first married (back in the early 70' yes, it's an oldie, but a goodie) and this fall, my mom, sisters, and I are going to be using it as a bible study.

Chapter three is titled: The Plight of Silly Old Women and the author spends time talking about the emotions that God has given women that differs from men.

I just want to share a couple of quotes and let them speak for themselves:

"While God gave women this sixth sense to make them better suited for serving Him and others, God never intended for women to think with their emotions." (pg 67)

"At the same time, women also possess a single-mindedness that prevents them from overlooking problems." (pg 67)

"Trouble enters the picture, however, when women cease to focus their emotional antenna on others. Instead, they turn their sensitivities inward to create and to magnify their own unhappiness as they allow their emotions to rule their intellect." (pg 68)

Can anyone relate!?!


Agnes said...

OOoohhh yes I can relate. This is so timely for me to read as I'm struggling with not being ruled by my emotions!! I might just have to get this book. Although I think that emotions often do give us clues about things (i.e. if something is wrong..or how someone we are with might be feeling, but trying to hide, and we pick up on their 'vibes' and mistake it for 'our' stuff when it's really theirs.. stuff like that). Thanks for the book tip!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is a great book. Since the last time I read the book I have learned something new...I now believe that we don't have a "sixth sense," rather, I believe it's discernment, given to us by the Holy Spirit.

This study is going to be good for me to do again...especially since I'm doing it with you girls! XO

Joyfull said...

Yes, I can surely relate! Wonderful thoughts you shared from the book, it sounds like a great book.

Elizabeth said...

Yep, I can relate. Though I think women can also have lots of problems even when they are focusing on others with their emotions and attention and still be too wrapped up in them. I know people who are always looking at others and using her energy toward others, but get too wrapped up in it and start trying to be Jesus to others.

Both are wrong, it is great to learn were the balance is! :o)