Tuesday, April 7, 2009

04/07/09 - No Title

I don't know what to title this post.

I've been around, feeling great, baby is great, life is just busy. During my ten weeks of intense morning sickness I realized that if I blog when God doesn't move me or prompt me to write something, the post just didn't feel right and I struggled writing it.

The past week or so I've not felt lead to write anything.

God is busy at work in my life, teaching me to give my crazy pregnancy emotions over to Him and just watch what He is doing in my life.

So my absents from blogging is just merely a lack in being lead to post anything.

I do enjoy questions and comments that spur me on or give me a focus in writing. If anything is pressing on your heart you'd like to "talk" about, please share!

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Rut said...

Dear Heather,

Lately, I am thinking about life, suffering and loss, about letting go of dearest hopes and dreams (such as a Christian family), as I face news (all around me) like earthquakes, financial failure, loss of job, home, loss of all earthly possesions, death of a (newly-wed) husband, death of family members.
What would it be like to be "emotional pure" for the rest of your life, as a single Christian woman (proabably never getting married)?
How can you really surrender all your desires and dreams to God and be really happy, being at peace with all kind of life-losses and suffering?

I would really appreciate some practical wisdom on that - something to really put into practice (daily real life).
Thanks. Glad that you feel good and baby is great too.