Tuesday, February 24, 2009

02/24/09 - "Mental Pictures"

The best advice I received before my wedding was from a girlfriend who had gotten married the year before. She said, "Take lots of mental pictures. Pause, take in what's going on around you and be intentional about seeing, feeling, and enjoying what's happening."

To this day, I have about five or six "mental pictures" from my wedding. I can tell you small details about who I was talking to, the sound of the kids playing kick ball, the slight breeze, the color of the sky, looking at John as my husband, and other misc. details of my wedding day. I treasure these details and memories. They are the most precious to me!

I am so thankful that my friend shared this advice with me. I took time and paused throughout that busy day to enjoy the day.

I have not only taken "mental pictures" of my wedding day, but of moments with my boys. I'll never forget holding each of them as newborn babies, over my shoulder, with them fast asleep. I felt their bodies, how tiny they were and how sweet they smelled. Even now, when I hold them, I remember how they felt in my arms as a newborn.

Yesterday my mom reminded me of the "mental picture" advice I received. She told me that, although this pregnancy has not been easy (sickness and tired wise) that I should stop, take a "mental picture" and enjoy this stage of this pregnancy. It's good advice!

Do you stop and take "mental pictures"? Do you pause in life to look around and just remember what you're doing, seeing, smelling, touching? Sure life might not be what you want at this moment, but trust me, it will change! So, as much as it is a challenge to myself, I challenge you with stopping, taking some "mental pictures" of your life, and years from now you'll look back and see all that has changed.


Anonymous said...

What great advice! I know that I have subconsciously taken mental pictures, but now I will try to more consciously take mental pictures of the moment in time right now.

Olivia said...

That's such a great idea! Especially right now since God just brought two little boys into our home through foster care adoption. I want to be able to tell them all about their time as little tots (they are 2 1/2 and almost 1 currently). I've been writing some in my journal, including some letters to them, but thanks for the reminder to take mental pictures as well. God bless!