Tuesday, February 17, 2009

02/17/09 - Not Passing

Do you ever feel like you fail every test handed to you? I don't mean math and science, but tests of your character?

Before we knew we were pregnant I prayed that I'd be able to walk through my season of morning sickness with grace and ease. Well, that didn't happen! I feel like I failed this test over and over. Each day was a challenge to just see God's hand in the whole thing and not complain.

Even now, as I deal with being really tired, I am not passing the "patience test" with my children.

It's times like this that I beg God to show me more of Himself to me and to give me that fresh perspective I need.

This was a main reason I was not blogging much. My attitude stunk and when I sit to type all I could think of was to complain about being sick! Even now, I just want to write about how I am so tired.

So you can pray for me. Pray that I'll start passing more tests!


Esther Zimmerman said...

You're in my prayers, Heather! You've been such a blessing on my life and I can't wait to finally meet you one day...and see your ADORABLE kiddos! God bless!
Your sister in Christ!

Anonymous said...

Dad said, "too bad more people don't 'fail' like Heather!" ;-)

dyy said...

Just visiting...

but hey, I guess we all fail 'tests'...its what happens after we fail that matters...

"In every season of life, its attitude that counts"

Even when we fail, we know Jesus, the solid Rock we can fall back on, albeit a sense of guilt, which actually motivates us to be stronger.

Keep the fire burning! I'll pray for you :D