Monday, February 16, 2009

02/16/09 - Trusting

We've all seen God work in our lives. We've seen Him provide amazing things for us. We enjoy life, breath, and the ability to live. God is faithful.

How often do we doubt Him though?

As our church is reading through the bible this year, we've come to the book of Numbers where God tells His people to go into the Promised Land. But what is their response: fear and doubt!

It's easy to forget what God has done when we are facing a new challenge. It's almost as if we have memory loss.

In order to combat this it's helpful to recount all that God has done for you. When you sit, with pen and paper, and write out all He has done, your faith will be renewed and as you face a new set of circumstance or'll be reminded that He is big enough to get you through whatever may come your way!

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PatientlyWaiting said...

Haha....recount....Numbers...get it?! :D Awesome post. I agree.