Tuesday, February 3, 2009

02/03/09 - Leaning

When you have seasons of difficulty, sadness, trials where do you lean? What keeps you going?

The song, "Leaning on The Everlasting Arms" comes to my mind.

In these times of economic trouble, personal issues, and a host of other things I know you're dealing with, we should be leaning on Jesus.

What does it mean to lean on Jesus?

For me it has been a constant reminder that He's got it under control. That He knows my suffering. He knows my battle. He's been here. Nothing is too big for Him.

We are "safe and secure from all alarms". Praise God for His faithfulness.

What trials are you facing? What areas in your life are you leaning?

(Those of you following my pregnancy, I'll be 12 weeks tomorrow. In past pregnancies, I normally am almost back to feeling good by week 13! Seven weeks down, one to go! Thanks for all your prayers!)

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Anonymous said...

i am struggling with the realization that my mom very likely has mental health issues. it makes me feel very alone. me and my 3 sisters have suffered for so long (physical, emotional abuse all our lives) but b/c there has never been a diagnosis, she puts to us that WE are the 'crazy' ones. we are not.. we need to pray for her and give ourselves space and time to build our lives up and not let her keep tearing us down. i am struggling right now to believe i can ever be a good mom.. so far i am not a mom at all but i'd like to be one day. only God can help me with this.. and my wonderful friends and amazing therapist. there - that's pretty heavy huh?! (sorry.. ;)