Friday, January 9, 2009

01/09/09 - Lessons

Whenever you are going through a new situation you're going to learn lessons. Although I've been down the "morning sickness" road before, this time it's different. I've never had two pre-schoolers before and that makes this time around different.

I've learned a few lessons these past 3 plus weeks of being sick.

I've learned that it okay to do nothing but make a baby.

I've learned that my husband is the most amazing husband in the world! (He's been pulling double duty and hasn't complained once!)

I've learned that I have some amazing support from my family and friends!

I've learned that taking anti-nausea medicine makes me feel about 80% back to normal!

I've learned what my daily priorities really are!

I am now 8 weeks pregnant...only 4 more till I will feel normal again...well, a new normal! I am on zofran for morning sickness and it is helping, which is nice to have some function again!

I miss you all and will be back in full swing soon!

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