Monday, December 22, 2008

12/22/08 - Being Content

This week my son's verse for Sunday school is: I have learned to be content in all circumstances.

Hearing him repeat this over and over has been so helpful. After I wrote that last post my morning sickness started to kick in. Thankfully I am not flat on my back like I was with my last pregnancy, but feeling nausea all day long wears on ones attitude and mind set.

I desire contentment even in the midst of sickness. There is much going on in my body right now. By four weeks, my baby has a head, tail, backbone and limb buds - which will eventually become arms and legs. The beginnings of ears and eyes are also visible. Its heart is already beating, and the other organs are forming fast. Yes, a lot is going on and even though I feel like I have the flu (minus the achy body and fever) I will be content knowing that I am hard at work on the inside!

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