Thursday, December 18, 2008

12/18/08 - Too Rushed

One thing I am very intentional about doing is keeping my schedule pretty free and not bogged down! I work hard and not planning too much...but this time of year, there's no way around it!

When you get too busy, what is the first thing that goes?

For me, it's been that quiet bible time in the morning. I hit the floor running in the morning and think, "I'll get to my bible later!"

Does this only happen to me?

We are so easily sidetracked with our quiet time. This week I've gotten to my quiet time, but it's been in the afternoon when I am not as fresh. Thus I feel a little "dry".

Here's to getting right into the word tomorrow when I wake up!


Anonymous said...

I can relate to what you are saying. I have experienced this many times. I'm not a morning person so it isn't easy for me in the mornings. I have found that if I put it off I usually don't get 'round to it later in the day. I believe one of the devil's favourite tactics is to keep us busy and from spending time with God. Spending time with God is the lifeblood of the Christian life. I find it's best to always spend at least a little time with God in the mornings as it helps to keep my focus on Him. I like to spend more time later in the day with God especially if I didn't have much time in the morning. You also have to do what works for you. Since I'm not a morning person I can't concentrate very well in the morning. I therefore do some in the morning and more later in the day.

LT said...

I go thru a similar thing. Sometimes I forget to do it at all....thats when I am really convicted!

Anonymous said...


You are not alone. I feel very dsyfunctional when i do not have quiet time with the Lord. I am a lot snappy and irritable. If we start the day right we finish right!

All the best and keep at it!


ladyakofa said...


Same with me! There's always a mental note that I'll get to my quiet time 'soon' in busy seasons but by the time I'm ready to go to bed, I utter a few words to God 'cos I'm soooo tired. :(

It's really during such times that I need to spend time with God! I hope you've been able to. :)

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

The very first thing that goes for me is breakfast! But during tax season (I work with an accountant) it becomes difficult to find time to really concentrate on reading the Bible and praying. But it's a worthy goal!